The antiquated Software and Hardware on board is a common grouse of Seafarers. This stark discrepancy is further enhanced with the silky smoothness of the standard apps that is found on any off-brand, budget smartphone. It feels like clambering on to a bullock cart on a mud path after getting off a Telsa on insane mode.

Are computers that expensive that they can’t be upgraded more routinely? Is it that expensive to design an effective software that is user friendly and intuitive?


Does such a thing as Persuasive Technology exist? Does Persuasive Safety exist? The Shipping industry is one that is plagued by high turnover rates. What would it be worth to a Health and Safety Manager for a new employee joining a ship to automatically don his Personal Protective Equipment and engage in Safety briefings? Not because he is told to but because it is just an ingrained part of the culture, he is suddenly exposed to.